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Tramadol is an extremely popular analgesic which is in very high demand across the globe. Worldwide, Tramadol is now treated as a controlled substance, in contrast to other opioids.

Adopted as an analgesic since the end of the 1970s, Tramadol has turned into one of the most looked for after analgesics of its category in Germany.

How Tramadol Works

Tramadol is a very unusual drug. It is very different from other opioids in its safety feature as well as in the way it works or functions. As Tramadol is Categorized as an atypical centrally acting analgesic, it has both opioid and non-opioid characteristics but has some weak opioid receptor qualities.

Tramadol has similar properties to venlafaxine, an antidepressant. Patients who suffer from chronic pain may experience similar to an antidepressant outcome after using this medicine.


Side Effects

Most people have a tolerance for Tramadol, but nausea and vomiting are the most frequent side effects reported. Respiratory depression is uncommon using Tramadol treatments of equal strength as compared to medicines like morphine or pethidine. The respiratory effects, though, of other drugs may be increased with high doses of Tramadol so any increase of dosage needs to be ratified with your doctor before use. Less dizziness or drowsiness occurs with Tramadol as compared to using morphine, though there has been noted a low incidence rate of cardiac depression.

As per the study dependency and abuse are not an issue when taking Tramadol, due to the fact that Tramadol does not have a strong opioid effect. Post-marketing observation indicates that Tramadol has a low potential for abuse.

Compared with other opioids, Tramadol has similar urinary tract risks, such as urinary retention and difficulty in micturition as these are also a part of the side effects.

People with issues related to epileptic seizure should be cautious about using Tramadol; people with epilepsy should not take Tramadol at all. This can be fatally dangerous so ensure you consult your doctor and do not use Tramadol unless prescribed.

How Tramadol is Utilized

Tramadol is effectively used to treat moderate to severe pain, it is also be used to treat neuropathic pain. This medicine has a strength similar to that of pethidine, and the success of a dependent dose is somewhere between the effectiveness of codeine and morphine.

Contrary to the effects of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications, Tramadol does not cause high blood pressure or other cardiovascular complications, nor does Tramadol have the ability to cause peptic ulcers hence Tramadol is good for elderly people who have osteoarthritis.

Tramadol is used successfully to manage labor pains without resorting to respiratory depression of the neonate. Tramadol has proved that it can very effectively treat pain that occurs due to myocardial ischaemia, renal colic and acute trauma.

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A headache can make an hour seem like a week. Try one of the following the next time you have a headache and need relief:

  • Make sure you are getting enough sleep every night.
  • Get outside and enjoy the fresh air.
  • Take 10 minutes a day for some mild exercise.
  • If possible, take a nap.
  • If the headache seems to be related to tension or stress, try to get away from the source of tension for a while.
  • Lie down with a heating pad on your neck and shoulders, or have someone gently rub the muscles in your neck and shoulders. Applying cold works as well.

Sometimes headaches indicate serious medical problems. Seek medical attention in any of these situations:

  1. Your headache follows a blow to your head.
  2. Your headache lasts longer than 24 hours and does not respond to pain reliever.
  3. You experience pain so severe that it interrupts your ability to work, care for your family or perform other daily activities.
  4. Your headaches are accompanied by dizziness, clumsiness or vision problems.
  5. Your headaches are increasingly frequent and severe.
  6. You have a headache that is a different type from previous ones you ever have had.
  7. You suddenly have the worst headache you ever have had. (This can be a sign of brain hemorrhaging.)
  8. Your headache is accompanied by a stiff neck and fever. (This can be a sign of meningitis.)

What is Better Tramadol or Tramadol HCL

Tramadol kills pain by dulling pain sensors in the brain. Tramadol is frequently used to reduce or eliminate chronic pain because it is not narcotic and it is not have addictive characteristics when taken over long periods of time. Ultram is another trade name or brand name for tramadol. The ingredients in Ultram ER’s extended release pills are virtually the same as tramadol HCL.

Contrasting Factors

1. Although the formulas for tramadol HCL and tramadol are identical, they act in a very different manner. You can buy tramadol in either 50 mg or 100 mg pill size, though 150 mg, 200 mg and 225 mg are also available. The dosage should not exceed 400 mg daily, with tablets taken at an interval of 4 to 6 hours.

Intended Use

2. Medicines like tramadol and tramadol HCL are prescribed for treatment for pain. Tramadol HCL is usually taken every day before any pain occurs, whereas tramadol is taken after pain is experienced to subside or eliminate the pain. Prescription for tramadol and tramadol HCL are prescribed for the patient only when a non-prescription pain reliever for moderate to severe pain does not work.

Cost Comparison

3. Tramadol is the generic form of Ultram and Ultram is the brand name; tramadol is not very expensive when it is in its generic standard and extended release forms. The price of tramadol HCL, is the most expensive type of tramadol and is approximately $50 for 30 pills. One should always keep in mind that every tramadol HCL tablet lasts for one full day, whereas a generic tramadol pill only lasts upto 6 hours. However there are various other brands available like Topdol and Tradol for 50 mg and 100 mg power which are the generic versions and widely used.

Factors to Consider

4. Tramadol HCL is the best option for treating long term painful conditions such as fibromyalgia, chronic back pain and osteoarthritis. Patients don’t have to take a lot of pills or wait for them to take effect as it has a long-lasting effect. It is recommended to take tramadol for short term pain because the dosage can be altered every 4 to 6 hours be it for trauma or post surgery pain.

Precautionary Notes

5. There are risks associated while using tramadol and also tramadol HCL. If one takes these medicines with muscle relaxants, specific medicines for nausea and antidepressants, caution should be taken. This is also applicable to some supplement formulas including St. John’s Wort, since it may have an antidepressant effect and this may cause side effect. Tramadol should not be taken by people with history of seizures because it has the potential to worsen the condition and the risk of seizures may increase. One should only take tramadol when he or she is under a physician care because tramadol can be habit-forming even though it is not considered to be addictive.